Biochar and Permaculture Principles

Here’s a look at biochar production and use through the lens of permaculture principles! Observe and Interact Observe a problem, like woody debris you can’t compost, but not enough to chip. The problem is the solution! A biochar burn with minimum smoke and ash and maximized char. Capture and store energy Charcoal exemplifies natural storage… Read more

Building Ecological Resilience

All farmers, ranchers and people of the land face natural risks. In response, they develop time-tested techniques, passing their wisdom down through generations. But there’s trouble brewing in nature and it’s serving up risks at speeds that provide little chance for protracted observation, experience or intergenerational knowledge development. The major issue is climate change, better… Read more

Phytomigration: Moving Forests

“Simplify, simplify.”       Henry David Thoreau Something terrible is happening and only you can save the day. The forests of western North America are dying.  Bugs, drought and disease are killing trees by the hundreds of millions. This is severely impacting the dependent understory plants and wildlife. The pace of this carnage increases every year.  Although… Read more