Biochar and Permaculture Principles

Here’s a look at biochar production and use through the lens of permaculture principles!

  1. Observe and Interact

Observe a problem, like woody debris you can’t compost, but not enough to chip. The problem is the solution! A biochar burn with minimum smoke and ash and maximized char.

  1. Capture and store energy

Charcoal exemplifies natural storage of densified wood energy. Making biochar produces heat energy. Have anything you need to dry, heat or bake? Put a grill over your roasting biochar!

  1. Obtain a yield

Converting waste to a great soil amendment yields a valuable resource.

  1. Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback

So you’ve got these matches and a big pile of dry, woody debris… control your impulses and fire size!

  1. Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services

The ultimate homage to what we thought was waste, renewable wood, converted to biochar, feeding the soil and growing more wood. May the cycle be unbroken!

  1. Produce no Waste

This principle reflects the pinnacle of biochar-making, you’re producing from waste!

  1. Design from Patterns to Details

Biochar, as a detail, fits beautifully into your overall design implementation.

  1. Integrate Rather than Separate

Biochar closes the loop on waste; one of the many ways to incorporate wood fiber into your systems.

  1. Use Small Slow Solutions

Regular biochar applications, as you convert your woody waste, builds your soil without shocking its friendly biota.

  1. Use and Value Diversity

Yep, 55 diverse uses for biochar!

  1. Use Edges and Value the Marginal

Who’d thunk that pile of prunings in the corner of your orchard is actually soil carbon in waiting?

  1. Creatively Use and Respond to Change

Climate change requires all the creativity we can muster. Sequester carbon with biochar while building your soil.

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